Air Papan / Tg Resang Signboard
Signboards for the first timers and the not-so-regulars (@ all rights reserved)

After enjoying the little cove that is Teluk Biru, we continued our journey on the off beaten track (well, for us anyway) and headed on towards Tanjung Resang.

It was akin to a journey of discovery for us as we never had ventured to this part of Johor before. Most times, we would stopped our journeys at Mersing and that’s about it.

But within several months, we have discovered the joys of first Air Papan, and then Teluk Biru. And now we are about to head for Tanjung Resang, which is more towards Endau rather than Mersing.

What’s significant about this little bit of trivia is that we are not far away from the border separating the state of Johor and the state of Pahang.

In other words, we were about to venture where we have never ventured before, to borrow a line made famous by Captain (later Admiral) James T Kirk of the Federation Starship USS Enterprise.

The Road to Tanjung Resang
The road to Tanjung Resang. Drive carefully during late evenings and watch out for wildlife crossing the road. (@all rights reserved)

To get us on our way to Tanjung Resang, we first made our way back to that junction where the signboard says ‘Tanjung Resang / Air Papan’.

From there on, it was a matter of letting the road take us over and we must admit, it is a well laid road. Surprising that.

It’s always thought that roads which are off the beaten track tend to be either dirt roads or poorly laid roads. But not this one.

The well laid roads suggests that there are better things planned for Tanjung Resang and nearby localities. What they may be may well be announced in the very near future.

Scene at Tanjung Resang
Looking for cockles at Tanjung Resang? (@ all rights reserved)

It wasn’t long before we saw signs of economic activity with cattle farms, complete with grazing pens as well as nurseries with young tree saplings in little black plastic bags.

Once or twice, we came across a parked motorcycle by the side of the road. A parked motorcycle can only mean that somebody’s out looking for wild plants known for their medicinal properties.

It’s a lucrative business, we were told. But to go and venture into the jungle looking for these plants is not really my cup of tea.

What more when you can’t tell the difference between a plant with medicinal properties and a plant, well, that is just a plant.

And that’s not even taking into consideration the wild monkeys (who can be really mischievous and vicious) and the odd wild boar here and there (where’s Obelix when you need him?), and most dangerous of all, the odd hunting party out for wild game.

Rahim of Bandar Muadzam Shah
Fishing enthusiast – Rahim of Bandar Muadzam Shah, Pahang (@ all rights reserved)

It wasn’t long before we came across a beach, with a signboard proclaiming it to be the ‘recreational beach’.

Not knowing what to expect, we parked our car and went to have a look-see. The first thing that hits you is that the cattle in the area must like taking strolls by the beach.

After an impromptu game of figuring out whether whats brown on the beaches is BS (no BS this!) or just plain rotting coconuts (not really exciting, this game), we made our way to Tanjung Resang itself.

After a few minutes drive, we came to Tanjung Resang and it must be said that cattle farming must be big business in this part of the world, or should we say, ‘free range’ cattle farming.

Tanjung Resang is a very small town (if it can be called that). Personally, I’d call it a settlement.

The beach is the main attraction and it is a very long beach. Facing the open sea, strong winds and big waves are the norm. And it is not even monsoon season yet. But as my wife would say, conditions are ideal for para gliding (Correction : I have been corrected by the wife. Its wake boarding, NOT para gliding. Sorry dear! Must have been the sound of the waves).

Beach Fishing
Rahim checking his line (@ all rights reserved)

But what attracted me was the sight of a man facing the sea with a long fishing rod stuck in the sand near him.

We got to talking and apparently, Rahim (that’s his name) is a fishing enthusiast from Bandar Muadzam Shah, a small town in Pahang about an hour away, so he says, with a passion for fishing.

You name it, he has the gear for it. River fishing, deep-sea fishing etc etc etc.

But beach fishing is unlike any other form of angling as the rod is extremely long and the casting motion is almost like throwing a javelin.

But the name of the game remains the same ie patience. Lots of it, as a matter of fact.

Talking with Rahim, we discovered that he has tried his luck beach fishing at almost every destination possible in Pahang, and is now trying his luck in the waters of Johor. So far no luck yet but then again, his stint in Johor waters had just barely started.

Speculations on the type of fish that may play around these waters tend to centre on the stingray. Now that could be a real catch, for this specie can be really tough to reel in, especially if they submerge themselves at the bottom.

Scene at Tanjung Resang (2)
Some just can’t resist the waters. (@ all rights reserved)

We took our time enjoying the strong winds and after having our fill of the refreshing sea breeze, we made our way home before the light started to fail.

The journey back itself was quite eventful as true enough, families of long-tailed macaques were seen doing their family bonding by the side of the roads.

If that wasn’t enough, the sight of a wild boar with its two little piglets crossing the road caught both us and the wild boars by surprise.

In fact, I am not sure who was more surprised – them or us.

Sunset at Tanjung Resang
Scene at Tanjung Resang as the sun starts to set. (@all rights reserved)

But it got my sons excited enough and we kept an extra eye out for any more sightings of wildlife.

Unfortunately for them (and fortunately for me), they were none. After all, it is wildlife, with the emphasis on the word ‘wild’.

Nevertheless, looking back, I wouldn’t mind going back to Tanjung Resang. From what we gather, there’s more to the place than what we experienced that day.

Now, when is that next public holiday?

Date : 1 July 2013