Langkawi SkyCab
Welcome to the Langkawi SkyCab (@ all rights reserved)


One of the activities that we wanted to do and places that we wanted to visit that got shortlisted when my wife and I were in Langkawi recently was to take a cable car ride on the Langkawi SkyCab.

Or rather, what my wife wanted to do and one that I very, very reluctantly tagged along. Call it misplaced male ego if you must, but once challenged, in the immortal words of that loveable yet annoying rascal of a male chauvinist (and author of ‘The Bro Book’, Barney Stinson), despite my vertigo-related problems, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. (Anything for you, my dearest!)


Langkawi SkyCab
The Langkawi SkyCab – certainly not for the fainthearted or those who suffers from heights. (@ all rights reserved)


And that’s we did. We got into our rented Perodua MyVi, revved up the engine and made our way to the western half of Langkawi island. Once there, we got into queue to purchase our tickets for the ride.

The weather was hot and humid. It helped that there were giant fans being placed to help cool off the people queuing for tickets, with some, after getting their tickets, actually standing directly in front of the giant fans to cool off.


Langkawi SkyCab - Fans
Thank God for giant fans! (@all rights reserved)


While queuing, I got the impression that I was not the only one having anxiety attacks, not knowing what to expect for the cable car ride to the top and deep in the knowledge that there’s no safety net below you should any of the unthinkable were to happen (God forbid!).

To my delight, I also heard nervous laughter and giggling with some cracking jokes that were definitely in need of some fine tuning. Also to my delight were some of the looks on the faces of those who had just arrived from ‘up top’. It’s true, I do take great delight in knowing that I am not the only one developing an anxiety attack. Sick is it not?


Langkawi SkyCab - Car
All aboard! (@all rights reserved)


In all that time I was taking great delight in other people’s miseries, it also dawned on me that the mind is a funny thing. It can get very creative when it comes to thinking of scenarios for your untimely demise. And the worst part is, I could have sworn that the mind, in so doing, was developing a mind of its own and having fun at it. And that is terribly sick.

Finally, our turn came and before I know it, I was looking down below the cable car . It was not long before the queasy and uneasiness feeling made its presence felt. Before it could get any worse, I remembered that one piece of advice relevant to my current predicament – DO NOT LOOK DOWN.


Langkawi SkyCab
The view as the cable car goes up. (@all rights reserved)


I took heed and looked at everywhere else but down and as I was facing the OTHER WAY, I was able to control my anxiety and at the same time, enjoy the scene that was coming into view : that of the Andaman Sea.

The sight of endless blue dotted with small lumps of land can be quite breathtaking, as is the sight of the green canopy under your cable car can be both disquieting and wonderful at the same time.

The ride up was turning out to be ok for me but unfortunately, it did not go the way my wife thought, for she was the one now developing a rather uncomfortable feeling. We got to the first station soon enough and were before long, enjoying the view.


Petronas Quay - From the Top
Petronas Quay from the highest station at Langkawi SkyCab. (@ all rights reserved)


As my wife was feeling uncomfortable, we decided to stay no longer than what we should.

However, for anyone who has arrived at the first station, it must have dawned on them that Langkawi SkyCab do actually INSIST you enjoy the ride as well as the views that the stations have to offer as the only way to get down is to go up. To the next station that is.


Petronas Quay - Pier side
Pier side view of the Petronas Quay. (@ all rights reserved)


The next station offers better views but of course. There’s even food and drinks available, so you can have a Coke and a burger while peering down at the green canopy down below or the great greenish blue yonder, interspersed with little and not so little brown dots or the blue up above, with rolling white clouds.


Langkawi SkyCab - Station
Taking in the breathtaking view from the top of the Langkawi SkyCab ride. (@all rights reserved)


The air is naturally cooler and windy, that it makes for a natural air con. Vastly different from the repressive heat and sticky humidity when we first set off at the base station.


The Langkawi SkyCab - Structure
Of metal and cables is the Langkawi SkyCab made of (@ all rights reserved)


The ride down was just as enjoyable as the ride up. Of course, this said knowing that we were going to be on firma terra soon. Mind you, as it turned out, Langkawi SkyCab was not that bad actually.

Looking back, after disembarking the cable car, as it arrives at the base station, the ride to the top was quiet fun as was the ride down.

For anyone interested, I would highly recommend to sit with your back to the peak on the way up and to have your back to the peak on the way down.

And for me , CHALLENGE FULFILLED. I guess, I would not mind another trip up here but must check the weather first though. Hate to be caught on the way up with dark clouds looming. Otherwise, highly recommended visit this and money well spent.


Date : 14 July 2014