Welcome to Taman Eko Rimba Lata Kinjang, a small but quaint eco park, not far from the town of Tapah. (@ all rights reserved)


Welcome to Taman Eko-Rimba Lata Kinjang (Lata Kinjang Eco Park), a small and quaint little park, with a cascading waterfall to complete the ambience, located within the vicinity of the small and quiet town of Tapah.


The signboard in Bahasa Malaysia, narrating the origin of the name Lata Kinjang. As suspected, it all came from the British who mispronounced ‘Kijang’, a member of the deer family, as ‘Kinjang’. (@ all rights reserved)


Yes, the very same Tapah that my wife and I were heading to when we traversed the Banjaran Titiwangsa (Titiwangsa Range) and came across the beautiful and cool cascading waterfalls of Lata Iskandar.


The sight that greets you when you make your way towards the sound of water cascading down together, intersparse with the sound of visitors frolicking in the cold water. (@ all rights reserved)


The cascading waterfalls of Lata Kinjang (@ all rights reserved)


Nothing beats the feel of cold water beating down your backs on a hot and sticky afternoon. (@ all rights reserved)


As it was at Lata Iskandar, the water is cold, the view captivating, the air is fresh, the rush of water mesmerizing and the sounds of people enjoying themselves shrivelling in the cold waters of Lata Kinjang infectious.


Cascading waters of the waterfall at Lata Iskandar. (@ all rights reserved)


The mesmerizing rush of water, smoothing all that stands in its way. (@ all rights reserved)


Mesmerizing! (@ all rights reserved)


Troll ? (@ all rights reserved)
The rush of water making its way downstream. (@ all rights reserved)


The cascading waters of Lata Kinjang. (@ all rights reserved)


The impressionable view of Lata Kinjang, as you make your departure. (@ all rights reserved)


We took a gamble when we decided to make the visit to Lata Kinjang, not knowing what to expect.

But it has been worth the visit as the sight of water cascading down the hills and rushing downstream is by itself mesmerizing and beautiful to capture. Even if it was with the use of a camera phone.

Word from my Perak friends, there are more of the same in the neighbourhood. If only they could give me the list as promised.


Date : 9 March 2017